Live Webinar: Which is the real New SA Chart, Midnight or 7am? Speaker – Elena Porciani van Baalen


Which is the real New South African Chart, Midnight or 7am?

Elena did what Astrologers should do and tracked events such as elections, inaugurations, and important political figures over 27 years of research.

Her research shows how the 7am chart is a much more powerful representation of SA than both the Republic of South African chart and the New South Africa Midnight chart.

She will show how a country has an evolutionary path and look into upcoming coming transits that could have an effect in the future.

We can expect to experience a better understanding of the mundane approach to astrology.

About the Speaker:
Elena studied with the Thorburn School of Astrology from 1991, soon becoming a trusted tutor for the School for many years.

Over the years she has also mentored many willing students at a higher level. Rectification is also one of her skills.

She also studied directly with Noel Tyl and Basil Fearrington and travelled extensively in the US and UK learning from the positive impact of astrologers like Bernadette Brady, Erin Sullivan, Nick Campion, Richard Tarnas and others, including Maurice Fernandes, who brought the depth of Evolutionary Astrology, from a spiritual perspective to her attention together with assisting people in their personal evolutionary journeys.

In 1996 she became the Chairman/President of the Astrological Society of South Africa at a very difficult time in its history, resuscitating it, and published a monthly astrology magazine till 2004 when Pluto hit her Ascendant resulting in many dramatic changes in her life!

Her love for Astrology persisted, including her passion for history, political affairs, and research which had naturally led her to mundane astrology!

She sees Astrology as a powerful tool for understanding human consciousness and its evolution over time on a wider scale. “Nations have an Evolutionary journey too”

Elena has been consulting as a professional astrologer since 1999 and has been leading the SA chapter of OPA as one of its international satellites since 2017.

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