Solar Arcs by Noel Tyl

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Title: Solar Arcs
Author: Noel Jan Tyl
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 235 x 190 x 32mm (LxWxT)
Pages: 460
First published: September 2001

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Solar Arcs – Astrology’s Most Successful Predictive System.

In this indispensable astrology book, Noel Tyl presents the definitive study of astrology’s most
accurate prediction system. The first major presentation of Solar Arc theory and practice in the
English language, this book offers the entire application spectrum of Solar Arcs, dramatized
in numerous case studies. Tyl explains the theory behind Solar Arcs from their inception in
ancient times to their present-day articulation in rich, psycho-dynamic natal analyses. He also
focuses on their quintessential importance to modern rectification methodology, the divining
of unknown birth times. Finally, he shows you how to maximize computer software support
to produce definitive results.

Learn the developmental history of the Solar Arc method. Identify important development
times in anyone’s life, at a glance. Explore the timing power of Tertiary Progressions. Follow
step-by-step rectification methods. Use the 100-year Quick Glance Ephemeris. Acquire
knowledge of 1 130 possible Natal and Solar Arc Midpoint pictures.

Solar Arcs reveals the immense power of today’s fastest growing astrological method. Written
for the advancing student and the professional astrologer, Noel Tyl’s work will transform the
way you practice astrology.


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