Live Webinar: Decans presented by Debbie Pearmain


Live Webinar: Decans presented by Debbie Pearmain

Decans are a fascinating but forgotten aspect of astrology that can greatly enrich a chart reading. They offer more detailed insights to the astrologer who’s is prepared to put in a little extra work. Decans are intimately linked with the magical side of astrology. The Roman astrologer Firmicus Maternus (3rd – 4th century A.D.) says the decans have “infinite power and freedom in indicating the fates of men.“ In traditional and Horary Astrology the decans are often called “faces” and each 10-degree segment of a sign has a different planetary ruler. A rich history of imagery accompanies the deans that can be used to add an extra dimension to the chart. This presentation is an introduction to the decans and how they can be used to enrich the astrologer’s interpretation. The use of decans is very ancient and goes back to 3000 BCE. Decans were used in diagnosing and recommending treatments for medical conditions, for choosing the best times for activities such as waging a war and in analysing the future destiny of a newly born baby. As such they are worthy of further study.
About The Speaker
Debbie Pearmain is a keen student of astrology. She believes, like William Lilly, that one can only ever be a student of such vast subject because there is always something new to learn. Debbie has been studying astrology in its various forms for the past five and a half years and has completed a course in Natal Astrology and chart rectification. She is currently busy with studies in horary astrology and is a traditionalist. She has written a number of astrology articles for a leading health magazine in the past.
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Date: 23 August 2020
Time: 10:30 Johannesburg (GMT+2)
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