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Janet is a qualified Pharmacist and has extended her knowledge into natural health and healing. She has diplomas in Aromatherapy, Astrology,  Reflexology, and is initiated as an Ethnomedicine Practitioner in the field of Traditional Health Care. Janet is the past Chairperson of the Herb Association of South Africa (HAoSA). She also has a B Compt degree.  In addition to her academic qualifications, she continually keeps abreast of new research and development in the field of aromatic chemistry, astrology, pharmacy and herbalism by attending various workshops, courses and seminars. She found her ‘missing link’ in her astrological studies. She wanted to connect and have a deeper holistic understanding of plants. The astrological pattern enables one to see the relationship between self and connection with plants – the Universal relationship between planets and plants.  Herbal lifestyle support plays a pivotal role in Janet’s  career. Her wealth of knowledge includes essential and carrier oils, herbs and spices. She believes in the preventative properties of herbs, as well as their tonic actions increasing the vitality and energy of our bodies. Janet’s philosophy is to live life in the now, as holistically as possible. Her passion is to share the knowledge she has by familiarizing people about the innate wisdom of Nature’s medicinal and aromatic plants and the cost-effective natural ways we can help ourselves.

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