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Laurie Naughtin
Keo van Niekerk

3 days ago

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.’’ Mahatma Gandhi
New Supermoon 25 degrees Virgo 17th September 2020 - 1.01pm S A time.
This year 2020 has been a significant focus on health and wellbeing with the world changing Covid 19 pandemic. So often we take our health for granted especially being young and invincible but our body is our temple and if we do not treasure it with gifts it will find a way of reacting with various dis-eases bringing significant discomfort to our everyday.
Virgo gives emphasis to the microbiome and when our delicate intestinal tract is out of sync, we are not able to absorb the necessary nutrients that provides the vitality that supports our life force. Transiting Mars in Aries is making a square to Saturn in Capricorn where we might feel that energy is at a certain low. Give yourself the necessary time to rest and heal, meditate in order to move forward and complete daily tasks.
Transiting Mars presently is retrograde and when there is no healthy outlet for our internal frustration and anger, making a quincunx to this supermoon moon can lead to unnecessary outbursts.
Breathe, move away from conflict and find a healthy outlet to let it all out.
Transiting Jupiter now direct in Capricorn(September 13th) is making a beautiful sextile to Neptune in Pisces giving opportunity to SURRENDER and trust the Universal unfolding at this time.
Our perceived philosophies about the Corona Virus, unemployment and our GDP, climate change, power outages and Donald Trump has opportunity to give us the necessary insight and support into somehow assimilating all that is happening collectively. Our prescriptive lenses are in right now purifying all that no longer supports humanity’s healthy future and of course our own.
Virgo interplays with its polarity Pisces and it is important that we are able to take the key of discernment into the equation. Doing the work and paying attention to the fine details helps with the creation of our dreams. If not, one might find being pulled into a web of illusion, confusion and delusion where others might take advantage of a small open door without you even knowing and might come as a naïve surprise.
Our dreams are supported as our health is when we set wholesome boundaries and giving reverence to everyday routine. Eat well, let go of the sugar content and yes, there is always time for a scrumptious slice of grandma’s home baked cheesecake but release the inner critic and embrace the experience with gratitude. Gratitude and health seem to live in the same neighbourhood.
Waiting for a worldwide vaccine to take us to the next level in living the ‘new normal is one viewpoint’( transiting Mercury in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn) and gives much debate on the subject - but it is a much better idea to unlock a refreshed mentality to boosting immunity so when those little bugs come around we are standing strong.
Love, health and new moon blessings🙏
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