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Transits for January 2021

Submitted by Laurie Naughtin


13th – New Moon in Capricorn – A new cycle begins, emotional stability is important to gain respect from self and others

28th – Full Moon in Leo – fulfilment of achieving leadership skills


2nd – Mercury sextile Neptune – connect intellectual with idealism to bring about a structure

4th – Mercury conjunct Pluto and both semi-sextile Venus – practical mind can bring an end to excessive spending and lifestyle

7th – Mars leaves Aries and moves into Taurus where action and drive become persistent and patient, money becomes important and it is time to rethink your values

Uranus in Taurus moves to station before going direct, a frustrating uncomfortable rebellious time, we may feel muzzled

9th – Mercury and Venus change sign together by semisextile aspect, Mercury ingresses into Aquarius original practical and progressive ideas begin to flow freely

Venus in Capricorn becomes more trustworthy and patient, love, and marriage can be for more practical reasons than desire, as to can investment and spending.

Love and connections become more intellectual

Sun sextile Neptune, chaotic energy is exposed, control it

10th – Mercury and Saturn conjunct, discipline intellect and structure working as a team

Venus trine Mars in earth signs, great advantage to put structure and be practical with your finances and love life

11th – Mercury conjunct Jupiter – a great time to expand your ideas and to work with others in a diplomatic way

12th – Mars squares Saturn until the 15th – proceed slowly and cautiously, authority figures may become discouraging, it will be difficult to hide negativity and anger, proceed slowly and cautiously

Mercury square Uranus – expect the unexpected, carefully planned day may not work out creating frustrations. But quick innovative thinking could surprise you and others

14th – Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn – Intense energy and experiences, power play at its worst and try your best to avoid encounters with the law and unfortunate or untrustworthy people

Uranus goes direct, unsettling energy

Venus trines Uranus, an unexpected enjoyable new activity, or love connection

15th to the 19th – Jupiter will square Uranus – we can experience a sudden change in luck, some good or bad…this is a time where a major disturbance can become very unsettling

20th to the 25th – Mars Square Uranus – rebellious agitation as the need to break free from restraint pushed people to their limits. Very trying time

Sun moves into Aquarius a difficult time as we need to focus on the needs of the whole of society without losing our own identity. So many unique individuals all try to relate on the needs of each other.

24th – Sun conjunct Saturn – law, leaders, authority figures need to work together. Put thought into being uniquely creative in a disciplined manner

29th – Sun conjunct Jupiter, a very lucky day, be clever innovative and unusual all at once.

Venus conjunct Pluto an intense love experience, beware of controlling relationships

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