January Newsletter 2021

Astrology Newsletter January 2021 - astrology south africa

January Newsletter 2021

Submitted by Laurie Naughtin

Uncomfortable and Frustrating Energy

Navigating sudden shocking situations will be a theme running throughout the year.

After the devastation and continual destruction COVID has challenged us with, we can expect to be going through a very tough year where scarcity and loss of abundance will be a horrible load to bear.

It is interesting that the December 2020 solstice brought the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter together in Aquarius at 0 degrees with the Sun at 0 degrees of Capricorn.

Saturn continues to be the author of our destiny; he is the Law of life and Jupiter the Law of knowledge and understanding. The Sun is the vital creative energy in the heavens, our battery that keeps us running. All are in Saturn’s rulership so the law of life and nature dictates.

Saturn is in Aquarius so the role he plays in this sign is one of an innovator, bringing structure and discipline through science. Saturn will seek for structure by seeing the truth, if the truth is not respected, structure will fall.

As both Saturn and Jupiter are still together in Aquarius, a fixed sign, we expect restrictions to continue. Growth is ruled by Jupiter and he will grow according to Saturn’s rules which will be slow and fixed throughout the year.

There is a short period during May to July where we could experience a exponential growth phase, borders will be opened and travel vast. But this will slow down and the rules of Saturn will once again come in and restrict movement.

We may hopefully see a lot of inventiveness and find we have the ability to become more inventive this year as we face the truth of our fate. Determination and persistence is the way to get ahead.

Aquarius energy feeds off the energy form communities and groups, there is no fear of the unknown with Aquarian energy, and if you fear it instead of seeking answers and embracing bizarre concepts then you will fall by the way.

Detach from fear, face the truth of the newness of life. Health is strengthened through boosting ones immune system and we will be reading a lot of interesting research in this area, I have made mention of one area in my Medially speaking section of this Newsletter.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign; air signs are social and driven through intellect, the fixed element brings about the ability to focus. Thought can be original, broadminded, and eccentric. Aquarius energy is friendly but in a more broadminded, somewhat unpredictable and at times impersonal manner. Fools will not be suffered easily and in a way any foolish behaviour will be dismissed.

Saturn has just moved into Aquarius together with Jupiter forming ‘in a way’ a portal through which we approach the year ahead. Saturn is happy in Aquarius and will be there for the next 2 years. Here we will find that those in charge of us the common people will be careful and slow in the way they plan their strategies and goals. For them it is all about the survival of the bigger picture, not the individual.

Detachment from the suffering of man on the street is the only way they can see how to fix the world. The people will rebel against this neglect but in the end the rebellious behaviour will back fire and all will need to transform their thinking within line of their presidents and world leaders.

From January Saturn will connect with Uranus bringing about sudden tension and upsets. This energy creates crisis in action situations. The first time we will experience this will be end of January. Not only will we experience personal stress shifts but we can expect a universal crisis.

How do we cope in this energy, it is fixed air and earth energy. We need to be focused and practical about how we use our brains, how we think about things, and how we use our intellect to move beyond self imposed rigid structures.

Tension has been building up yet again, many of us are experiencing unpleasant conditions…these will become more difficult to withstand now. Poverty and loss will increase at the beginning of the year. We have no option but to radically break the mould in a way we never thought we could.

In South Africa we can expect to see a lot of uprising and rebellion with regards to land and land reform. The homeless people have had enough and will become even more rebellious than they have ever been before. They were promised land of their own, corruption has denied them of this vital necessity, and they will begin to fight for their rights this year.

When we are affected by a transit from Uranus we can expect extreme and bizarre phenomena, in fact we can actually expect the unexpected. What exactly this unexpected shift is will depend on where it is transiting through your chart.

Usually transits from Uranus are not that bad if you are willing to accept the newness that can change lives, Uranus challenges us to shift away from our carefully laid out plans and structures that we have worked so hard to build. The newness of life has altered most of our future plans drastically, we need to face the facts and if we don’t then a transit event from Uranus will force the truth to emerge, suddenly.

Marriages, partnerships, connections and careers that are stagnant and in some way creating unhappiness and toxic energy will suddenly come to light and one or another event will trigger crisis exposing us to the truth. When we can see how trapped or complacent we have become, this can be a liberating experience that can give us the momentum to free ourselves from the invisible chains.

Rigidity is in the long run ultimately destructive, now with both Saturn and Jupiter aspecting Uranus we will feel the crippling effects of such rigid behaviour. Rigid self imposed structures will fracture and you will see the truth of how you have been coping in a half dead state. Snap out of anything that is draining your vital individual thought and opinions.

Old limitations are no longer welcome and will soon trip you up. Generally as a race we avoid change, well no more! The two giant planets Jupiter and Saturn connecting repeatedly this year we can expect a few sudden shifts and changes as the universe sends us strong messages. Stop the negative thoughts or way of life, it is debilitating and pulls you down, rather take a leap of faith and embrace the new innovative way of thought and life.

These upcoming Uranus upsets can bring about a riveting energy that can radically redefine your life.

We will be helped along by radical actions that we never though could happen to us which can overthrow the rigid structure we have surrounded ourselves with.

The moulds will be broken, and not with any warning, it is sudden and will certainly bring change within our lives.

One of the positive attributes of Uranus now is it brings about unique ideas when it comes to the way we use the earth and earthy gifts the world has to offer. Uranus is in Taurus a fertile earth Zodiac sign, perhaps some of our survival and truth lies within the earth.

I am discovering how much fun it is to watch a tree grow out of an avocado pip, teaching my grandson about the gifts the earth can bring to us…I do believe my shift is in some way going back to the basics of nature and actually understanding the science of  the plant kingdom.

When you think about it, the past year has destroyed so much. Many are holding onto a very unstable tree trunk in a rapid river of change. Your way out is to totally overthrow the structure you thought was safe, in some cases you may have to overthrow your own ego and ideals to remain in a career that is benefitting you.

Many of us are seeking freedom from this oppressive energy; we are restless and want to bring about growth. Jupiter is the planet of growth and as he is being controlled by Saturn his growth will be reliant on Saturn. He is happy in the sign of Aquarius and through intellectual innovative thought we will begin to see growth.

This Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus pattern will be with us all year. We are not out of the COVID wood by a long shot but we are beginning to understand it, I personally feel this pattern will actual show up more and more of how little know understand the disease and the way we manage it.

We can expect to hear so many conspirator theories about COVID its new wave, which is real, and the vaccines. Try to avoid being too gullible and do not take things at face value. Do your research and trust your path, you are the only one who can find your own truth.

Be careful if you use radical change as a way out of any hellhole you feel you are stuck in. Yes in many cases radical change is the way out of a restricted job or way of life and a crisis in this area could be your door to freedom and self growth. The other side to the crisis is that the so called hellhole is not the pit of snakes you thought it to be but it is you the damaging one in the situation and through self truth and understanding you will find a way through your own self imposed hell.

Air and earth zodiac signs are the theme for the year, put into laypersons words I would say ‘focused innovative thought applied in a practical manner is the way to navigate ourselves through the portal we have stepped into’.

Be very wary about investing, we can expect a crash in the market in January and April. The South African Rand will have its ups and downs but will remain fairly stable. Just keep your money safe and avoid clever sounding schemes. Adopt a conservative form of investment and a healthy watch and wait approach.

Do not rush into anything as you may find yourself running in the opposite direction you thought you came from. Radical thought is wonderful but do so with a good dose of practicality and common sense.


My husband had COVID and after many weeks in hospital came back with hordes of vitamin B3 called niacin. I wondered why so i did some research…

There have been studies showing that COVID patients with vitamin B3 of folic acid deficiency are at a higher risk of mortality. The corona virus has been shown to deplete niacin levels so one of the co morbidity criteria is a deficiency of B3.

Niacin is a vitamin that acts as an antioxidant and plays a role in cell signalling as well as DNA repair. It is so important that every part of the body needs it to function properly.

Post COVID many patients suffer from brain fog…I did not get COVID but I feel at times my brain fogs up. Niacin actually boosts the function of the nervous and psychological systems contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

To get through this year we are seriously going to need a brain defogger as we redefine the way we are thinking about the situations that we will find ourselves in this year.

2021 comes with challenges similar to 2020, but the advantage is we can see the truth we can see this is not going to go away overnight. We can see the truth and that is the path we need to take.

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