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Transits for December 2020

Submitted by Laurie Naughtin


14th December – New Moon in Sagittarius TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE NOT VISIBLE IN SOUTH AFRICA; New emotional growth, understanding of life and its lessons, engage in meaningful pursuits

30th December – Full Moon in Cancer; forget and forgive past hurts, let go and manage emotional highs and lows, the world owes you nothing, Heal self then heal others


1st December – Mercury sextile Saturn; perceptive quick thinking brings about disciplined structure within to grow

Mars still very slow explaining the reason for exhaustion and lack of motivation

2nd December – Mercury moves into Sagittarius; keen expansive mind, over thinking leads to confusion

6th December – Mars semisextile Neptune till 10th; avoid self destruction, chaos in action will exhaust you, susceptible to infection and injury

Venus connects with Mars Neptune energy; avoid obsessive jealous energy in relationships

10th December – Sun square Neptune; avoid devious courses of action, low energy and inability to concentrate, best to take a time out for the day

Venus sextile Pluto – Intense energy for lovers, desire to dig deep into meaning of friendships and relationships

11th December – Sun connects with Nodes; challenge is to balance desire for big grow over the lesser path with the better option

Mars aspects nodes pioneering trendy energy brings opportunities and options

13th December – Mercury squares Neptune; clarity of thought diminished

15th December – Sun connects with Pluto – see endings as a creative new beginning

16th December – The great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter begins, culminating on the 20th, discipline and growth begin to work in sync, this is a good thing!

Venus moves into Sagittarius; desire for expansion and growth kicks in, avoid overspending

17th December – Sun Mercury Pluto connection; ability to see and think creatively about solving difficult puzzles

18th December – Saturn move into Aquarius for the next 2 years; innovative yet practical common sense falls into place

20th December – Jupiter moves into Aquarius, grows less restricted, innovation, free thinking and focus encourages growth

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn perfects working together to bring about a long awaited new vision in growth and structure; last time this happened in an air sign was 200 years ago. Both at 0 degrees … a new portal opens

22nd December – Sun moves into Capricorn joining the portal and highlighting the necessity of innovative structure to bring vitality back to the world

Mars squares Pluto; ambitious energy to transform the world as a positive, as a negative, anger destroys

Mars in normal motion, pioneering is the way to go

30th December – Venus square Neptune; avoid impossible romantic ideals. Avoid investing in what feels like the biggest dream come true moment. Impossible day to face reality, overindulgence is on the cards

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