Taroscope December 2020

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Taroscope December 2020

This month is a turning point for many of us as we are confronted with change and the ending of a larger life cycle. We have experienced big shifts this year that have caused something new in each of us to be birthed. Whether it’s an idea, a new way of being, a change in belief system or a reclamation of personal power, the reality of rising up in a new way to meet our new reality is here.

It’s ok if the destination is still unclear or the vision you are seeking to get clarity on has not fully revealed itself yet. You are closer than you think to where you want to be.

December invites us to look within and tend to the barriers and blockages that are preventing us from trusting our intuition and taking the next small step forward. Hard work alone cannot create a life of deep meaning and purpose, we have to take the time to get to know ourselves, our values and what we stand for. Once we own our internal landscape and recognise our sovereignty, we can start to reshape a new world for ourselves and others. We are reminded by this month’s reading that when we stop pushing and forcing and start listening and honouring, we are able to take action with greater ease and alignment.

We need to take time out this month, to rest, reflect and recover before we rush ahead with setting goals and making resolutions for the New Year. There are lessons from 2020 to integrate and insights to be gleaned from time spent in meditation, prayer and peaceful practices. This holiday season will be a little more quiet than usual for many and that’s ok. Less people, planning, cooking, shopping and eating may just be a blessing in disguise.

For those who find themselves feeling more alone than usual this holiday season, there is an opportunity for turning pain into beauty through creative self-expression. Write that book, paint that picture or call those friends and family members you are missing. Remember that your heart belongs first and foremost to you and that the past does not define your future. What matters now is that you do not betray yourself by settling for a lesser life, when the life you truly desire is in the process of shaping itself and making itself know to you. Focus on what needs to be healed within you so that when what you most desire shows up, you can welcome and embrace it with ease and unabashed joy.

If you cannot make it through the maze of your mind or hold the uncertainty of the changes taking place in your life, it’s important to ask for help this month. Let a professional or trusted confidant help you across the bridge to your next stage of life. It takes immense courage to ask for help and even more to allow yourself to receive it. Often times there are people in our lives waiting for us to put down our burdens, even for a minute, to give them a chance to be there for us. If you are used to being the “carer”, “shoulder to cry on” or “strong one”, maybe now is the time to allow others to be there for you. Vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength and an invitation to create deeper, more authentic relationships.

This month reminds us that we do not have to be perfect, clear, capable, strong or anything else to be worthy or loved, we simply have to “be” and allow what’s present to flow through us. With all the uncertainty of 2020, many of us have brushed up against our own fears, helplessness and desire to create safety by trying to control our lives. Now is the perfect time to surrender control so that we can get the rest and nourishment we need to start the New Year. If we can put down our usual tools, weapons and strategies for life, we may just find we don’t actually need most of them.

A new world, a new life and a new you are emerging but healing is often required before liberation. Now is the time to do the work that freedom demands. Let go to allow a little magic to unfold.

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