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Transits for November 2020

Submitted by Laurie Naughtin

15th November – New Moon in Scorpio, need control of emotional behaviour to enable transformation into a new cycle

30th November – Full Moon penumbral lunar eclipse at 11 30am, not visible. A time to shift and lock in your social connections

1st November – Mars enters his station, energy levels drop and any type of new pioneering ideas will be on hold or held up till December

3rd November – 7th Mercury goes direct squaring Saturn, diplomatic forms of communicating and connections are ready to take place, beware of trying to control the flow when communicating

7th November – Mars and the Sun create a sudden stress situation due to ego feeling attacked, avoid all confrontations

8th November – The long feared conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto begins to perfect and will do so till the 14th, beware of underhanded shady people, be willing to strive for power and success, re-examine your life, strive for success, beware of upsetting authorities

10th November – Sun trines Neptune, be creative in how you transform idealism into reality

11th November – Mercury re-enters Scorpio in a direct motion, depth of though, perceptive quick mind, trust your intuition and take a different direction with revised thoughts

14th November – Sun midpoint by sextile to Jupiter Pluto conjunction, leadership skills bring powerful growth
Mars is direct but still at a very frustrating standstill, take time to look before leaping

16th November – Venus squares the Pluto Jupiter conjunction, hard work and diplomacy can bring about desired opportunities through connections with powerful people, be cautious of pairing up with untrustworthy people, do not put your trust into the hands of others

18th November – Sun and Venus connect, a creative desire emerges for mysterious ventures or to buy intensely meaningful art and expect to meet deeply interesting partners or lovers, this connection lasts for 2 days…enjoy

19th November – Sun sextile Saturn, opportunity to use leadership skills in a manner that can powerfully transform and strengthen how life is structured

22nd November – Sun enters Sagittarius, creative expansive warm energy can be productive as long as used within the order of the system of life or career

24th November – Mercury trines Neptune, intuitively transform your ideals, a reality check. Silence is better than muddled communication

26th November – Neptune goes into his station, calm seas and still waters bring a touch clarity to the depths of confusion

27th November – Mercury sextile Pluto, power thinking brings change, invalid ideals are destructive and need to change

28th November – Mercury sextile Jupiter, intuitive thinking can bring transformation and growth within a structured or controlling environment

29th November – Neptune goes direct, but still stationed till next month, still waters run deep and polluted situations become visible

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