Taroscope November 2020

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Taroscope November 2020

November starts off a little rocky. Many of us may feel conflicted, confused, overwhelmed and pulled in many different directions or at the mercy of too many demands. There is a lot going on in the world and in our own lives which requires us to set our own pace and make time to process the changes we are undergoing. We are reminded that when life is chaotic, we need to take more time to cultivate peace and harmony. Create space to relax and meditate, even for just a few minutes each day if you can. Try to release feelings of frustration and anger in healthy ways such as through exercise or journaling. Avoid arguments where possible as your energy is a precious resource at the start of this month.

While we can certainly find fulfillment and experience joy, even when life is imperfect, we need to make time to restore balance to the areas of our lives that are causing us pain and struggle. We are being prompted to clean up the conflicts we have with ourselves this month and then notice how they are causing conflict in our external reality. Where are you not in alignment with your own values? What have you ignored or pushed aside at the expense of your soul? What promises have you made to yourself but not kept? What are avoiding saying or acknowledging? Spend time with conflict this month, listen to what it wants you to know and make room for releasing the fears that are holding you back from experiencing more harmony and wholeness in your life.

So much of how we experience life is determined by what we believe and how those beliefs make us feel. November presents us with an invitation to clear out the cobwebs of our minds and hearts and to remember that we are so much more capable and worthy than we think. Allow the blessings in your life to fill your heart with gratitude and lift you up on the days you feel weary this month. Open yourself up to receiving good things and to respecting your limits. Healthy boundaries are key to sustaining your energy and directing your focus in the lead up to the end of 2020.

If you have been wanting to have an important conversation with a loved one, friend or boss, wait until mid-month to do it. We need to pace ourselves now and be measured in our approach to challenges as we can easily feel burnt out if we don’t. If you’re feeling a little lost, confused or drained by the challenges you have been presented with this year, don’t give up just yet. Rest and then rest some more, but don’t give up. The tides are turning, slowly but surely and both patience and perseverance have the potential to catapult us forward now.

It is often the case that we feel like giving up just before we see the fruits of our labour. It’s important now more than ever that we hold the things in our heart close and remind ourselves that miracles can and do happen in divine timing. Trust yourself, you know what’s inside of you and what you are capable of. Even in the face of insurmountable odds, grace can weave its magic into your life and give you strength you never knew you had. Timing is everything, trust yours.

It’s a busy and intense month with some unexpected occurrences but ultimately, what transpires helps us to get clarity on our next steps and moves us closer to what we truly need and desire. We are being firmly oriented towards the future this month, whether we go willingly or resist the changes that are taking place is up to us.

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