November Newsletter 2020

November 2020 Astrology South AFrica Newsletter

November Newsletter 2020

Submitted by Laurie Naughtin

Lunar Eclipse and A Cardinal Cross

This is a month where we need to become more outgoing, stop looking behind at the past, avoid indecision, and focus on taking the initiative with our emotions, with others, thinking, and action and to do so in a disciplined as well as confident manner.

On the 4th we will experience planets each in a different cardinal sign, creating a cardinal cross. This is a very energetic aspect and will push us into all directions, take us out of ourselves and into the public arena of life.

Let’s put our heads down and face up to the hard work that is sorely needed to repair all the damage COVID has caused.

On the 30th we will experience a penumbral lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow, the penumbra. This type of eclipse is not as dramatic as other types of lunar eclipses and is often mistaken for a regular Full Moon but slightly dull in shine. This eclipse will be happening in South Africa at 11 30am, not visible but felt.

This Full Moon eclipse will be in Gemini and it will be close to a benefic Fixed Star, which gives off an energy showing us that to fulfil our lives we need to recognise our potential as far as our careers and future activities are concerned. It is time to aim high for future wealth and success.

Use the intellectual energy this full moon provides to put some motivation and energy in your soul and find a way to grow what you have already accomplished, even if you feel what you have done is insignificant, it is not. Ambition no matter how small is powerful.

If you are going to sweat the small stuff or the impossible situations we face every day, letting them cause insecurity and fear, you are bound to hit a wall. Focus on what is and not on what was.

This month we have time to slow down; we have been going so fast that we have ended up on the back foot. When planets slow and stop before moving in a new direction, life slows, especially when two most active planets Mars and Mercury are involved.

Mercury will station in Libra where we need to find balance especially in relationships and connections we have newly created.

When we feel we are not getting anywhere fast, understand that Mars will be in his station for most of the Month. Yes the action planet in an action sign has slowed to a virtual crawl.

Mars so active and fiery in Aries takes a breather, now this could lead to an inner burning or frustration, you feel there is so much to do, yet nothing is moving at a pace that we expected. There is very little we can do other than wait and reflect on all that has happened since July, we get a second chance from mid month to redo what needs redoing and let go of what is actually adding frustration draining our energy.
We can step out of chaos and take the time to see where we have been too hasty and where certain projects we have enthusiastically begun have gone off kilter.

Mercury is also hardly moving as he is in his station from the beginning of the Month right up to the 7th, this is when Mercury will have a relook at all the situations that cropped up in October, repair or discard what is no longer of use and after an adjustment period we will have a better vision.

‘Boom’ we may happen upon a brilliant idea or solution, but Mars the action planet is still gathering his speed in a forward motion which means we will have the ability to think, see and understand where change has to happen, but won’t be able to action and transform as fast as we expect.

Be patient; make intellectual changes and decisions, do not rush the process. By December Mars will be running along at a much faster pace, rewarding those who had the courage to watch and wait before auctioning transformation that is so necessary for survival.

Yes this energy is aggressive; it is like we are being buffered from all directions. People are not holding back their emotions, expressions, negative reactions, and a lack of control resulting in unpleasant flare ups.
There is a power aspect that has been affecting us for a while, this month it comes to head. Pluto is a planet that exudes powerful energy that can either be used in a destructive way or you can take this energy and use the ability to end what is toxic and transform life to your advantage.

Jupiter is reconnecting with Pluto; the last time this happened was in March this year where lockdown was implemented. Jupiter is a planet that brings about big events, both planets are in the sign Capricorn which brings about a type of restricted structure, but in a big way.

If we can obey the rules of the game and grow within the confines we are experiencing, we will see a positive growth. Our Government leaders have experienced both good and destructive behaviour while trying to prevent the spread of COVID; they have experience huge financial loss so will really need to readjust future protocols. Businesses will start to restructure, sadly in some cases to survive they will close off certain operations creating job losses.

Governments will start to reform and look at ways to grow the economy, but they have to face they corruption head on to stop the haemorrhaging of the nations funds, this has a good chance to be successful as Jupiter begins a very slow growth in the right direction. Pluto loses his hold on the money so finally it has a chance of recovery, but a very slow and delicate one.

We cannot give up and chill at home bemoaning our loss of income and life style, we can choose to transform within the parameters open to us, believe that you have the power, energy and skill to find a way to survive in this new world and it will happen.

There is growth for those who want it, it will be difficult, but within the laws and confined structure we have the opportunity to grow, just step out of panic, and engage your will and survival instincts. Mars the action planet after all is about to go direct in the pioneering sign of Aries, it is through pure self will that you can survive what is coming.

Those who are able to find a way to grow within the confines of the pandemic will at some time need others to help take their projects to the next level. Employment will begin to increase followed by spending thus building up the economy. But it is through new ideas, even seemingly small inventive projects that have the ability fit the brief of the life we are now living, that this will happen.

This Month we will still see many aggressive situations and protests, so try to stay away from this big marches and crowds for now.

Many more secret crooked doings are being exposed, wrongdoing will no longer be tolerated, and corruption is going to be big subject in theses following months.

Be very careful of trading, invest in stable solid investments, mining does not look bad at all. The money of the country is severely depleted and this is going to be faced head on. It will affect big business so keep a keen eye on the reserve bank, SARS, and the finance minister as their form of survival may not please the wealthy.

Finally Venus is in Libra so let’s just try to be nice to each other and form solid relationships. Gosh it has been a year of unforeseen struggle, one thing we can give and take for free is to be nice.


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