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Transits for October 2020

Submitted by Laurie Naughtin


We have 2 full Moons this Month; the second Moon is called a Blue Moon

2nd October – Full Moon in Aries, self fulfilment at its peak, now deal with the follow through

16th October – New Moon in Libra, make new connections, heal relationships

31st October – 2nd Full Moon, Blue Moon in Taurus, practical solutions with which to end the month

3rd October – Jupiter begins his weeklong sextile with Neptune, inflated unrealistic ideals
Venus ingress into Virgo, bring order into lifestyle, personal financial stress

4th October – Pluto goes direct, though hardly moving, frustrating energy

7th and 8th October – Mercury slows and opposes Uranus, scattered nervous energy emerges

8th, 9th and 10th October – Mars and Pluto will be in a square stress aspect, fierse power struggles

11th October – Mercury starts to station, inability to think and communicate
Sun Inconjunct Neptune, romantic flare
Nodes aspecting Pluto and Mars, lessons on how anger becomes a catalyst for change

13th October – Mercury sextile Venus, may want to take the day off, mind wonders to more desirable pursuits

14th October – Mercury retrograde begins in Scorpio, intellectual shut down
Sun opposes Retrograde Mars, stress point in relationships emerge

15th October – Sun square Pluto, energy depletion

18th October – Sun square Saturn, stressful time, choice is duty over self gratification

19th October – Venus Trine Jupiter, good day for financial decisions

20th October – Mercury re connects with Uranus, revise your thoughts towards practical transformative ideas

20th – 24th October – Mars connect with Neptune, invalid anger and misinterpretation creates chaos

21st October – Venus T squares Nodes, hard work produces desirable effects

22nd October – Venus sextile Pluto, intense day for relationships

23rd October – Sun ingress into Scorpio highlighting that respect is obtained through controlled change

25th October – Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury, begin research on a transformative adventure

29th October – Mercury retrograde back into Libra, re-connect or repairs relationships

31st October – Blue Moon in Taurus, emotional security and desirability

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