Taroscope October 2020

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Taroscope October 2020

As we move into the last quarter of 2020, there is a sense of moving towards completion, however, we are still not quite sure when the cycle we are in will come to an end or where exactly we will be when it does. This month’s tarot spread highlights that we are still navigating unknown spaces and wading through the lessons and experiences of the year. The Justice Card asks us to trust that justice will be done and that there is a bigger picture to our current circumstances that we may not understand just yet. The opportunity for each one of us is to decide what is true and right for us in this moment, while remaining open and receptive to the natural unfolding of our lives. Root yourself in your own worth, decide what you believe in and don’t be afraid to commit to your chosen path.

Clarity and comfort can be found through relating to others and our lived experiences. We are being prompted to give before we get this month and enjoy the simple pleasures of sharing our gifts and our hearts with others. This month’s reading reminds us that we are always enough and that we have ample kindness and love to share with others. Don’t be afraid to nurture your connections and revel in the closeness you can create with others.

As we move through the month, the gap between where we are and where we want to be may come more sharply into focus. In order to reconcile the contrasts, we need to look at where we are focusing on ‘what we don’t have,’ instead of what we do. Just because something is taking some time to manifest, does not mean that it is not meant for us. Now is the time to trust yourself and your path. Focus on what you do have, what is working and the wisdom you have gained thus far. Appreciate all progress, big and small and remember that the Universe has not forgotten about you or your desires. In fact, the opposite is true. Your wishes are heard and heeded, but first, there are some shifts in perspective you may need to make.

Act as if what you are hoping for is on its way to you even if you feel uncertain about the way forward. Have faith that the next step will be revealed in divine timing and rest in the knowing that peace can be found right here, right now.

Much of what needs shifting right now is still internal. We need to work first and foremost on ourselves before we charge ahead and take premature action. Make time to check in with your mind, heart and soul before you make big decisions. Reflection, clarity and inner alignment are more important than external action this month. It’s ok to wait and see. It’s ok to take your time making decisions. It’s ok not to know right now.

Let the things that lift you up and bring you joy lead you forward this month. Lean into possibility even if you have doubts. If life is challenging right now and has been for some time, know that things will improve in time. Respite is on the way and there are people who want to help if you let them. Share your burdens and your pain with those you trust, you may just be surprised by how many people want to offer you a helping hand.

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