October Newsletter 2020

Astrology Newsletter October 2020

October 2020 Newsletter

Submitted by Laurie Naughtin

High Emotions Use Anger As Outlet

We begin and end this Month with Full Moons, when there are two full Moons in one Month the second Moon is called a Blue Moon. We normally see a Blue Moon every 2 to 3 years.

The first full Moon is on the 1st and kicks off the Month exposing dishonour and scandal. It also brings to light the need for freedom of disease as the peak wanes.

The new Moon will bring us the opportunity to form new relationships, partnerships and for some the value of the relationships they have. For the romantics it is a time to fall in love.

The time to begin to grow our business and repair the damage left over from corona is upon us. Repairing and restructuring our lives will need to be done in a controlled manner to keep us on the right road.

Though there is a deep restlessness and anxious energy to fix things now, this will not happen, do not be surprised as you find yourself retracing your steps. Don’t give up, learn from your hastiness.

With both Jupiter and Saturn in normal motion we are gifted with the ability to rebuild our lives, as long as we do so within a disciplined and structured way.

There is no quick fix with instant results, we need to rebuild our lives one day at a time, every little opportunity should to be explored, time to be brave and use the Mars in Aries energy to take that chance, become a pioneer as you will be your best resource this year.

But and a big but, being too selfish and aggressive in your pursuits will alienate others leaving you with very little support, and it is through structure and support from others we can grow.

This month does not promise to be sunshine and roses, we still have very aggressive energy driving people, it is a dangerous energy and going back in history were the planets were aligned in a similar fashion, the American Civil War started because of uncompromising differences between the free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet become states. The event that triggered war came at Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay on April 12, 1861 the following year Mars went retrograde in Aries.

This resulted in one of the bloodiest wars in America, that being said more than half died of disease. All this anger, racial tension and disease, sounds similar to what is happening all over the world now.

From the first week to the 9th of the Month Mars and Pluto will be making a stress aspect to each other, this energy will bring about major power struggles. It is a time of high tension where all our pent up tension releases and not in a good way. Anger, disagreements, and arguments will suddenly explode. Manu of us are experiencing a very deep inner struggle and this makes us particularly sensitive to any situation where we could react in a negative way. This coupled with Mercury in Scorpio will bring out tongue lashings and reactions to situations that will be damaging and regretful.

It would be better to walk away and surrender, discover your own inner power and draw strength from within. It takes courage to surrender, if ever there was a time to step back and find your inner strength the time is now.

All this worry, aggression, high murder rate, racial tension in our country is extremely stressful right now. This energy is exhausting and we need to think of ourselves and take responsibility for our own actions and safety. Try to be nice to each other and tolerate our differences.

Mercury is in Scorpio which in these times is a good thing if used wisely; it will give us the ability to think on the spot, to dig deep beneath the surface of problems. With Mercury station and retrograde most of the Month we can use this energy to trust our intuition to repair or uncover anything.

The warning here is not to trust anyone with a silver tongue, and beware of your own words as without thinking they could strike wounds onto others that go deep.

With all the above mentioned energy plus this Mercury in Scorpio I feel we are going to be made privy to many secrets and evil deeds. The trick is to face your own truth and keep your focus on your vision.

Venus the planet of desire and all things lovely is going through Virgo; here what is desired is the ability to bring organisation and systems into place. Venus normally loves money and simply being in love, but with the world being so broken Venus takes on a more healing role buy bringing systems back into place.


So much energy in the planets will make us feel restless, the weather is lovely and we need to get out and exercise. Gyms are open and I see many people running, walking or cycling every day.

Exercise is one of the most effective stress relievers; even if you can get out for a 30 minute walk you will get the benefit of good endorphins, the feel good hormones.

Back training will produce an excess of lactic acid, to prevent this from being overwhelming it is important to drink a lot of water whilst training.

Remember to breath, lack of oxygen during training will hamper the release of lactic acid, and there is always good old magnesium as well as Epsom salt baths to fall back on.

An interesting story I read suggesting that if you drink a little glass of orange juice before your workout you could get lower levels of lactic acid, less muscle fatigue and a better physical performance, researchers believe that this is due to increased vitamin C and foliate…hmmm healthier than coffee, try it and see.

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