Webinar: Firdaria presented by Sharon Knight

Webinar: Firdaria presented by Sharon Knight Firdar, Fardar, or Firdaria (Plural) or Fardar. Also known as  Alfridaria, or Alfridaries Firdaria as they are more commonly known, appear to be a Persian Time Lord system where each of the traditional 7 planets (+ the Nodes) rules a certain period in everyone’s lives. Prime importance when working out the sequence is predicated on whether the chart is diurnal or nocturnal. They are similar to the Dasa’s of Vedic Astrology. Although the sequences are the same for all, what sets this technique apart, is the condition of each planet in the individual nativity, its promise, and how its power to act at the right time will manifest for good or ill, when it becomes a Time Lord, or Associate/Partner. As each planet takes over as Time Lord, there is often a noticeable change of direction, similar to that of Zodiacal Releasing, or when the Progressed Sun changes signs. The technique is easy to use, and can throw light on potential events far into the future. Fardar or Firdaria were not only confined to natal charts, they were also used when looking at Mundane and Dynastic charts. In this brief talk we will focus on the use of Fardar in the nativity This technique is suitable for beginners and those more advanced in their astrological studies. About the Speaker Sharon Knight has worked as a professional astrologer for over twenty five years. Initially studying with the Faculty of Astrology, passing the Intermediate Diploma, before qualifying as a QHP with Olivia Barclay. After studying with Robert Zoller in the mid 90’s, Sharon worked exclusively with the traditional 7 planets and methods, becoming one of the first totally traditional natal astrologers in the UK.  She gained her MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology in 2004. She’s a Fellow of the Association of Professional Astrologers International and has been Chair of the same since 2006. Sharon also edits the quarterly newsletter. In the past, Sharon taught Astrology at Adult Education classes in London and has spoken at the AA Conferences, at The Astrological Lodge of London,  as well as at various local groups and abroad.   She’s written columns for women’s magazines, newspapers and astrological journals, has a regular slot on local radio. She has her own accredited course on Traditional astrology and runs workshops and classes on the subject. Sharon is the Convener and a Tutor for the QHP course. She has a wide client base from all over the world and is passionate about her work and the place of traditional astrology in society. Sharon was one of the few astrologers to predict David Cameron remaining as PM, Brexit, Trump and Johnson. She doesn’t always get right though!… This content is for Astrology Membership members only.Log In Register...

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