Taroscope September 2020

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Taroscope September 2020

September is a very important month with opportunities for those who are willing to let go of what has been to start creating a new foundation for their lives. With Spring arriving in the Southern hemisphere there is a sense of newness and fresh starts in the air. We have survived a hard winter and endured many challenges, and while there is much to celebrate and be grateful for we are still in a nationwide lockdown.

Finances are still severely constrained for many and we would be wise to manage our resources carefully this month. Unfortunately, the funds we need to kick-start the economy and help those who are most in need remain tied up in the hands of a small and corrupt minority. While the truth is slowly being brought to light, we are still only seeing a very small part of a much larger network of corruption.

On an individual level, this month’s reading asks us to look inward and reflect on where we are perhaps being stubborn, holding onto the past or letting limiting beliefs about resources and finances keep us stuck in a place we no longer wish to be in. Doing the internal work around our own worth and what we believe is possible this month has the potential to create long term security and fulfilment.

No one likes to be told what to do, but this month’s reading highlights the importance of following the rules, working within existing structures and respecting others who operate within those structures. We can choose to see the lock down laws and regulations (or the rules imposed on us by other bodies such as companies and schools) as shackles to our freedom, or a safety net preventing us from getting hurt. If we respect the rules and maintain order, we can come out on the other side of this pandemic and our current challenges stronger than before.

Now is the time to start thinking about the future again; who we are in the wake of the lessons we have been learning in 2020, and the values we choose to build our lives on. Life will never be the same for many of us after this year, but it does not mean that it cannot be better than it was before. There are no quick fixes to current challenges but if we move forward, one small step at a time, we can create a solid foundation for our lives again.

There has been a focus on homes, families and close bonds this year that has brought some closer together and pushed others further apart. Wherever you find yourself, know that you can start anew, that ultimately what has transpired has made you more resilient and helped you grow. Take the clarity you have been given and start building something you love, something you care about and something that fulfils you. Make this year mean something by believing in yourself if nothing else. Start with self-love and let the rest unfold in divine timing.

We are slowly starting to see some progress and experience forward momentum this month but we still need to guard our energy and give ourselves time to recover if motivation starts to wane. September gifts us a sense of hope and possibility. Enjoy even the small new beginnings and allow the good things to sustain you through the parts of your life that feel like they are still on lockdown.

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