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Transits for September 2020

Submitted by Laurie Naughtin


2nd September – Full Moon in Pisces, hidden sensitive feelings will come to the surface
17th September – New Moon in Virgo, new trendy systems, organise your life



1st September – Mars in Aries is very slow as it readies to go retrograde, expect to feel tired, at the end of your thither and in some cases literally burnt out

2nd September – Venus will square Saturn, tension and difficulty in relationships with others, loss of interest in the things you found desirable. Circumstances out of your control

3rd September – Mercury trines Saturn, material reality with organised thought will produce results

4th September – Mercury and Mars inconjunct, irritable, angry disputes, avoid arguments

6th September – Mercury moves to Libra, need to connect with others, make new relationships,

Venus moves into Leo bringing a desire for respect and acknowledgement. Mercury  sextile Venus, relate to others in a positive confident manner

7th September – Mars in his station going retrograde, action come to a grinding halt back peddling and revisiting the impulsive decisions made in August. Extreme fatigue

8th September – Mars is retrograde, not a good time to start something new, repair what you have

9th September – Mars is retrograde and will be hovering on the Vertex, an inability to see the way forward, expect violence to erupt over the next few days that will remain on the surface till January 2021

12th September – Mercury inconjunct Uranus, tend to think and speak hastily, sharp mind, discover flexibility of thought as ideas come at you from out of the blue

13th September – Jupiter goes direct, growth becomes less restricted

15th September – Sun trine Pluto, Good day to make an impression, take that step and go for gold. Use energy to get things done and evolve

16th September – Venus square Uranus, disruptive encounters and a tend to spend impulsively to your detriment

17th September – Sun T square Nodes, take note of the past, let it go, look to the future, baby steps

Mercury square Jupiter, understand the whole picture, avoid sloppy details

18th September – Sun trine Saturn, effort will achieve lasting results

20th September – Sun inconjunct Mars, disruptive energy and fallen ego’s

21st September – Mercury squares Pluto, compulsive thoughts

22nd September – Venus inconjunct Jupiter, avoid impulsive excessive and indulgence behaviour

23rd September – Mercury square Saturn, avoid important decisions or transactions

Sun enters Libra

24th September – Mercury squares Mars, irritable argumentative energy

26th September – Venus inconjunct Pluto, difficulty in relationships, sexual abuse issues arise

28th September – Mercury enters Scorpio, transformative thought

Mars squares Saturn, struggle with anger towards authority and rules, impulse to rebel, seething inner rage when feeling confined, this energy continues through to next month

29th September – Venus trines Mars, passion in relationships

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