September 2020 Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter - Astrology South Africa - ASA - Laurie Naughtin

September 2020 Newsletter

Submitted by Laurie Naughtin

September is the month of spring bringing about a new energy. It is a time where we can feel the beauty, feel the warmth, and think positively about life and the gifts it has to offer.

We should hang onto any beauty we can as September like August brings along many challenges.

The planets are not friendly, creating stressful uncomfortable energy. This can result into a deep seething anger producing negative aggressive vibes.

Anger can erupt at any given moment resulting in argument s and at time physical violence. It will be difficult to control angry outbursts unless we find an alternative way to blow off some steam.

We need to look at this energy in a more positive way, especially as it is spring, which give us the same action and pioneering energy we expect from Aries. This is a time where you can start new projects, dig deep, find the determination, and will to explore some new areas in your life.

As Mars is all about action it delights in Aries the fiery action driven sign that gives us the courage and ambition to pioneer through all challenges. The problem is Mars in Aries does not have the patience to wait, life feels too slow and this brings about frustration that can result in frustration.

Last month we experienced this, now what has happened this energy has slowed to a snail’s pace, leaving us despondent and exhausted. It does not help the matter that the other planets are also moving very slowly.

When a planet moves slowly, life slows, things we set out to do takes longer and we may find ourselves procrastinating over things that should be done. This results in a type of despondency and self induces frustration.

After the devastation and collapse of life as we know it due to the pandemic caused by Corona, Mars in Aries is exactly what we need to give us the courage to rebuild our lives, and though we have made a start, things will get in the way and trip up our progress, especially this month, we cannot give up.

This month we need to be more aware of what it is we wish to accomplish, understand that where Mars in Aries falls in your chart could become an area of ambitious preoccupation until January 2021.

As Mars is going retrograde this month, it is a time where life and people become combative, fight dirty and where we can become particularly reactive and easily triggered to angry reactions.

Mars will be moving towards his station from the 1st, culminating on the 9th where we may witness an unpleasant assertive energy throughout the World; we may even experience it in our personal lives. It is a highly charge intense time where differing points of view will be at cross purposes and people including ourselves become uncompromising.

When the planets go into their station before changing direction to a retrograde motion they are closer to earth and the energy they symbolise feels more powerful than normal.

With Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all in stages of slow to stationary motion this brings about a powerful energy that plays out on the stage power and abuse.

Those who have abused their power as well as those who have used this pandemic to empower their own causes will no longer be tolerated. We can expect to see an increase in clashes linked to this abuse of power in the form of marches and at times rage as people demand action against abuse and corruption.

At the same time the very people in power will fight back becoming much more assertive and defensive; in fact the abuse of power will intensify this Month. Personally I fear for the safety of those who arrange marches and demonstrations, they will not be well received and authority will find the smallest excuse to bring force against the demonstrating crowds.

These planets are all big energy forces, all in cardinal signs, outwardly driven; they are all fighting for their own power. All wanting action in their own way, yet conflicting with each other.

Mars wants instant action, Jupiter wants big growth, and Saturn wants to control and slow things down. We have speed verses caution going down, so to manage this energy wisely we need to employ moderation when acting on our instincts or giving in to our basic impulsive nature. It is a disciplined attitude that will help to build a long term goal.

Rules and regulations are generally there to protect us from making silly moves. But this month these rules will block our drive more so than ever, leaving us feeling frustrated and anxious. Just remember that moderation is the mantra for this month.

Some of us may experience a lower energy drive, feel physically depleted, and have a lot less enthusiasm than usual. This low energy drive can lead to anxiety or depression. If you are feeling like this and questioning your future goals, perhaps they are not the goals you are capable of doing or what you truly desire.

To use this energy to your best ability is to bring focus and endurance to the table, there is no quick fix. Rework projects that have not reached the desired expectation, think within to how best to use your skills, let your mind quieten and you may just grasp that hidden insight into how to navigate back onto a motivated ambitious path.

This month we may feel the need to fight for what we believe in, but one can only do so if you have fully understood what you believe in. Inner confusion can result in others misunderstanding your motives, including yourself.


This constant stress we are feeling can leave us feeling helpless, disillusioned, and completely exhausted; this could lead to the road to burnout.

Burnout is an emotional and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged stress leaving you overwhelmed and emotionally drained. You are unable to cope with the demands of your daily work or chores.

You energy is sapped leaving you helpless, hopeless and like you have nothing more to give. This in turn affects your home, work and social life but even worse, especially in a pandemic, lowers your immune system leading to illnesses. Due to the many months of isolation there is an increase of suffering due to fear and loneliness.

One of the most effective ways to manage burnout is to reach out to those close to you, someone who is good at just listening to you. Talk to a psychologist, help line consultant reach out to communities that are prepared to listen and care for you.

Get involved in a community outreach program, that way you can connect with others who are kind and care, become one who can give back.

Avoid any negative people or conversations, certainly have a break from news stations…they expose us to so much unnecessary stress. When you are experiencing burn out the less exposure to stress the sooner you can heal.

Find a soothing hobby that can take you mind on a different journey, blocking stressful messages. Origami, adult colouring books and hobbies that are gentle yet have the ability to take your mind off everyday stress.

To all my readers, be kind and gentle with others we are all sensitive and going through our own issues. I am not perfect and make many mistakes, I am certainly not a natural writer, a dreadful speller, yet I have the courage to write these newsletters, some have complained recently… it is the content that matters, feel free to correct what offends while I continue to write from my heart.

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