Transits August 2020

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Transits for August 2020

By Laurie Naughtin


3rd August
Full Moon in Aquarius, The need to shine for humanity by sharing experiences

19th August
New Moon in Leo, this is a great time to satisfy your need to become a leader, write your story



1st August
Jupiter sextile Neptune, we continue to see racial unrest, uncertainty regards education

Mercury squares Pluto, emotional outbursts about crime, death, and racial issues. Avoid damaging statements.

2nd August
Sun squares Uranus, be creative and face the truth of what is not practical

4th August
Mercury Square Saturn, a shout out against authority and discipline

5th August
Venus inconjunct Saturn, beware of authority figures, avoid dodgy black market activities

6th August
Mercury ingress into Leo, the ability to be creative with our thinking, prospect for new and creative ideas

Mars semisextile to Neptune, a though, dream or ideal can become a reality, be free from restriction

8th August
Venus ingress into Cancer is a time to re-connect with family and desire for security, nurturing, and peace. Seek the gentle side of life, a strong desire to help others but avoid people who take advantage of your generosity

10th August
Mercury square Uranus, see your truth when it comes to practicality in leadership

13th August
Sun Inconjunct Neptune, chaos in leadership, feeling a loss of energy and vitality, best to take a couch day

14th August
Mars square Pluto, very aggressive energy is triggered; this is a war like event and dangerous energy. Avoid dangerous situations, many will feel anger and blind rage…this could lead to a drastic outcome…this will be around for the next 3 days and has been building up since the beginning of August, it will now be triggered

15th August
Mercury Inconjunct Neptune, loss of temper, a sudden loss of a dream

Uranus retrogrades, a time to re-evaluate how to manage finances and security

16th August
Sun trines Mars where we can expect reasonable leadership and action to work together to combat Pluto and the damaged this virus is causing to the infrastructure of life

18th August
Sun and Mercury conjunct, a vital creative energy that can be expressed Launch a project, start a painting, buy something pleasurable. This is a nice day for a party.

19th August
Sun inconjunct Saturn, respect authority it is lurking in the corner.

21st August
Mercury ingresses into Virgo, really a great time to use your brain in a skilful manner, Mercury loves being here, systems and organised plans will be beneficial.

23rd August
Sun moves into Virgo energising Mercury and the attempt to being about a organised plan that will help navigate this life as we know it now

24th August
Mars square Saturn, fight against authority and discipline, anger at restrictions could bring about a change.

These planets are activating the Nodes, brining in how the emergence of past excess has caused such damage. Realisation that we need to start repairing our life systematically one baby step at a time, small victories will bring results

27th August
Venus trines Neptune, romantic desirable time or the realisation that relationships are not a desirable and nurturing as you hoped. Leave what cannot be trusted and nurture what can.

30th August
Mercury square Neptune, time to bring order to chaos

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