Taroscope August 2020

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Taroscope August 2020

August is an important month where we continue to navigate the space between ‘old’ and ‘new’. The life-death-life cycle is highlighted for us this month and we are reminded that each cycle is an important part of the human experience. On an individual and collective scale, we are undergoing profound change and feeling the discomfort of letting go of people, places and things that have become familiar to us.

The start of the month calls for inward exploration and reflection. We may sense that there is a purpose and a new path for us but be unclear about the details or what to do next. Let your emotions inform but not dictate your choices and listen to the inner callings of your soul. Trust that there is a path for you and that if you simply venture out in the direction you hope to go in, you will be guided forward. Oftentimes we wait until we can see the whole path when all we really need to know is the next small step.

As we move into the middle of the month, many of us may feel the tension of juggling many balls or having to weigh many options. Balance is relative to your circumstances and may require you to give eighty percent of your time to one area of life on one day, and only five percent the next. Give yourself grace when it comes to your to do list, prioritize your health and be realistic about the things you can do. It is important not to rush your progress this month as you navigate the nuances of living between the ‘past’ and the ‘future’, ‘who you have been’ and ‘who you are becoming’. Keep doing what works and course correct as you go if necessary.

As we get closer to the end of the month feelings of being trapped, frustrated and blocked may arise. Old patterns, toxic ties and negative behaviors may come to the surface to show us where we need to heal both our collective and individual shadows. The Devil card in the tarot is often misunderstood and dubbed a ‘malefic’ card, however, this card reminds us that we are our own worst enemies and that we are able to change ourselves and our circumstances if we so choose. This card is an invitation to release the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that burden you and cause you pain. August is a great time for a body, mind and/or soul cleanse if you feel so inclined. Facing up to what’s arising for you now has the potential to create the bridge to a bright new beginning.

The main theme for the month of August is represented by the ‘Death’ card. Another easily misunderstood card in the tarot deck, which speaks of not only endings but new beginnings. There is no escaping the fact that death is accompanied by hardship and pain, however, after death, there is always new life, even if it takes us some time to recognize it. The more we resist change; the more difficult life becomes. Take the time you need to mourn what is lost, it is an essential part of the process and a requirement to moving forward with a resilient and hopeful heart. We need each other more than ever this month and should not be afraid to ask for help if we need it. Create a support system for yourself and if you have time or energy to spare, offer your support to others.

To move through the month with as much ease as possible, the reading encourages us to remember that we are rich when it comes to our internal resources. We have everything it takes to move through challenges and hard times, even if we doubt ourselves or our progress. You are the captain of your ship, the master of your soul. Remind yourself daily that you are resilient, strong and capable if that’s what it takes to get through this time. Celebrate every small step and every glimpse of a new beginning, even if you are miles away from where you want to be. Small wins add up to big victories. Who you are becoming is the real magic this month, give yourself the credit you deserve for the courage it takes to be exactly where you are right now.

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