August 2020 Newletter

Astrology South Africa - August Newsletter

August 2020 Newletter

By Laurie Naughtin

Let’s leave July at the door and focus on August.

Angry August seems to be the theme for the Month, anger at many things even the small stuff.

Try to avoid this feeling of anger it is not healthy. Turn your frustration into a positive energy.

We have the Sun the planet of vital creative energy and Mars the driving force of the universe in fire signs. Fire signs bring a positive triumphant expression and we will feel their daring impetuous energy, at times domineering and when bad, aggressive.

When there is a lot of fire we feel energised and driven to take charge of our life, it is the type of energy that brings action and movement.

The movement we desire has been restricted, so we may feel frustrated and angry, trapped and unable to ride this positive energy like we want. But it is interesting that sport is starting up and this will be a boost, the excitement of watching talented sports people, and cheering your favourite team on will bring more fire and joy into your soul.

Sadly we are still navigating traps and potholes and they are not going away anytime soon. By harness this fiery energy we will find unique and pioneering ways to circumvent delays and obstructions.

There will certainly be a lot more racial tension this month, rebellious marches that may not turn out as well as desired. If you feel the need to join marching for a cause, remember to tone down the aggression, or innocent people will be hurt.

Act like leaders this Month not like victims, own your power and stand up for your beliefs in a productive manner bringing solutions to the troubled table rather than negativity.

The planet Mars has a lot to do with the intensified energy we are feeling, after all it is in the most active innovative signs in the Zodiac, Aries which brings about an impulsive action driven energy.

Mars has a lot to do with survival instincts and will find pioneering and at times aggressive ways to approach any situation that could bring about instability.

We can harness this energy, bring out our inner soldier, face this changing world and the challenges it brings with it. The structure of the past is crumbling; it feels like the authority figures have lost control. This leaves us feeling very vulnerable and frightened, in a way lost at sea. We need to survive without their help, we need to make our own future and start to build our own roots. One thing life has given us is many experiences and lessons, each one a gift we can use to move forward into the new world we are entering.

This Month people will be fighting for their rights, groups like ‘Black live matter’ will continue fighting for their rights, but watch this space as they are not the only ones shouting out, many different groups or those who feel downtrodden and abused will follow this trend.

We will be seeing more racial tension in August, authority and governments will try to find solutions, but with so much more going on their tolerance levels are very short so these issues will take a back burner causing more anger resulting in unpleasant behaviour from both the aggrieved and the officials trying to keep things under control.

Constitutional law is on the side of the down trodden, but with the planet of Law restricted and weakened it will not be able to prevent the aggressive retaliation from unlawful authority figures.

Personally we will be pushing against rules, trying to find our way around the rather unreasonable rules we face. To be successful we may need to harness the fiery nature of Mars in a productive manner. We can pick ourselves up form this trapped state of being and find a way to make life happen.

Where ever Mars is going through in your chart the unrest you will feel in this area of your life and will need to be addressed, put on your armour and do something about your uncertainty and fear…be pioneering and powerful, but not aggressive.

Chaos has a chance of emerging in the first week, broken laws, looting of funds, lies thieves and dodgy deeds will start coming to the fore.

This month we may see unrest from aggressive upstarts who want change that is necessary but by doing it in an aggressive manner will end up by upsetting the apple cart and all will be lost or left in shambles.

Choose your path for reform, but action life in an acceptable pioneering way rather than acting out in an impulsive, entitled, and aggressive manner.


This month we need to look at keeping ourselves safe and secure, covid is at its peak and we need to do everything to keep our bodies strong by boosting our immune system.

I was reading up about the plethora of information’ surfing the net’ recommending extremely high doses of vitamin D and C, zinc, garlic and the list goes on…but these 4 seem consistent in all the research I have been reading.

The belief that – a little is good, a lot is better, is way too simplistic and not wise. Vitamins in loaded doses cause all sorts of unnecessary unwanted symptoms and in some cases totally overloading you natural body conditions.

Anything done in excess is not wise, even drinking too much water can flush certain vital body salts from your system.

Taking the recommended daily dose will certainly boost your immunity and vitamin C certainly does make conditions in your body unpleasant for viruses in general. Too much Vitamin C will certainly harm your digestive system and increase reflux and could be a precursor to stomach ulcers.

The best advice I can offer is if you are serious about building your immunity don’t just impulsively go for everything you read, rather follow the advice of a dietician or immunologist.

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