Transits July 2020

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Transits for July 2020

By Laurie Naughtin

5th July
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Maximum eclipse at 6 29am, not visible to naked eye. The Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is a full Moon in Capricorn, are we hiding or ignoring our responsibilities.

1st July
Mercury and Sun conjunct, emotions on high alert

Jupiter and Pluto still close conjunction, hectic tension between with masses and authority, death and destruction becomes a theme. Breakdown of discipline and rules that restrict as well as destructive mass rebellion continues

2nd July
Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn where he will remain for the duration of the year, a time to re-organise our lives

Mercury Moves into full retrograde motion. Mercury connects to Uranus by sextile, revise you thoughts, heritage tension, beware of racial comments.

5th July
Venus and Mercury connect, strong desire to re-connect and heal broken relationships

8th – 9th July
Mars square Mercury, avoid conflict

12th July
Mercury goes direct. Venus connects with Uranus, truth is relationships emerge

Sun Trines Neptune, deceptive emotional behaviour can create chaos

14 July
Sun squares Jupiter, challenges due to creative needs to expand, but with in a structure

16th July
Sun squares Pluto, bossy needy egos will bring about destruction

Mars connects with Uranus, impulsive action need to be directed in a practical and resourceful manner

18th July
Mercury flowing in right direction, our moods will lift and become more positive

20th July
New Moon in Cancer, strong need to make new connections

New Moon and Sun semisextile North Node in Gemini, it is the small trendy thoughts and ideas that will be successful, disconnect by inconjunct aspect from South Node where bigger is no longer better.

23rd July
Sun moves into Leo energising and positive energy

Mercury connects with Uranus a sudden new way of thinking, try to communicate your truth in a practical inspirational way

26th July
Jupiter and Neptune sextile triggering job losses keep a very sharp eye on investments; expect losses. Chaos and disillusionment will be at an all time high, this will continue for the next few weeks

27th July
Mercury squares Mars, expect verbal conflict. Aggressive dangerous energy, avoid dangerous situations for the next 2 days. Used correctly take action to avoid emotional outbursts and trust your instincts

Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune racial tension could create chaos. Money in general is at an all time low, crime at an all time high.

28th July
Mercury creates more crises and chaos, connecting with Jupiter and Neptune, emotional political and racial outpourings continue

31st July
Venus is blindsided by Pluto, personal financial loss, sudden emotional reaction causes destruction in the structure of life.

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