Taroscope July 2020

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Taroscope July 2020

We have reached the half-way mark and what a year it has been! July’s tarot reading tells a story of hardship, celebration and collaboration. While progress is slow right now and we may feel like we are taking one step forward followed by two steps back, we are reminded to look back on the months that have passed and acknowledge how brave we have been and how resilient we have become. We may not have more money, possessions or external achievements than we did at the beginning of the year, but we certainly have more emotional resilience and internal resources. We are reminded to celebrate our wins and personal gains, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

The second half of 2020 is going to require a lot from us, both as individuals and communities. It’s more crucial than ever that we tend to our needs, fill our emotional cups and prepare to fight for what we want and what we know in our hearts is right. Whether you find yourself battling your circumstances or yourself, remember that how you feel is determine by the stories you tell yourself. Speak kindly to yourself and others, acknowledge your progress and hold your head high in the face of challenges and set-backs.

This month’s reading shows that while we may start to see new beginnings when it comes to financial matters, we still need to work at what we want and call on our connections to help us get to where we want to go. Abundance is present, however for many it may be slow in manifesting. Learning to find joy in simple pleasures and our relationships comes into focus now as we realise that we can do a lot with very little.

For some, there may be new opportunities that come about through relationships and existing connections. It’s a good time to collaborate and call on your network. If you are feeling stuck or stagnant, brainstorm new projects and ideas with people you trust. Two heads are better than one and you never know what will come from picking up the phone or sending that email you’ve been thinking about.

Towards the end of the month we will start to see the results of the work we have been doing, so whatever you are pursuing or committed to creating right now, don’t give up. Be the one to extend a helping hand to others this month, there are hidden rewards for your kindness. If someone offers you a helping hand, don’t be afraid to take it.

There are both new beginnings and endings for us this month. Don’t be disheartened if something you want does not come to pass. Sometimes we don’t get what we want to make room for something better, and sometimes we need to learn that we can find peace when we simply allow life’s plan to unfold.

Make sure you have all of the information you need and consider all possible outcomes before you make decisions this month, particularly decisions in relation to investments or large sums of money.

Focus on what you can control and be patient if progress feels slow. Good things grow in hard times too.

Taroscope July 2020 - astrology south africa

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