Newsletter July 2020 Life Matters, Destruction Destroys

Newsletter July 2020 - Astrology South Africa - Laurie Naughtin

July 2020 Newsletter Life Matters, Destruction Destroys

By Laurie Naughtin

What a month we have had, it gets no better as July 2020 is like a powder keg ready to explode with the least provocation.

Three eclipses within a month, Lunar, then Solar and finally the Lunar on the 5th. Eclipses put such pressure on earth they cause of extreme weather patterns and shift tectonic plates.

As our bodies are 60% water we are all under pressure and shifting in all directions, some of us snapping, others leaving this world and then there are those who are riding the wave of opportunities these shifts offer.

I have listed the transit dates and planets as well as the other planets they are aspecting that describe the events for the month at the end of this newsletter. My lockdown special rate is still available.

July will not be a good month as we see more death not only in lives and future dreams, but in careers, finances, and companies.

Not only are we dealing with the corona war, a large portion of the globe is engulfed in some form of conflict. The presence of war across the world is extensive. Not all wars about guns and killing. There are social wars, racial wars, financial wars, internal political wars, gender wars, wars against infections in fact, sadly, the World is at war.

The racial Black Lives Matter that started in America has spread across the continent; this is becoming a serious world racial war. People have been isolated, alone, frightened, angry and are finding an outlet through any event or cause which defies lockdown laws and personal safety creating a war against authority and spread of the virus leading to further death.

Wow we have a domino effect happening right before our eyes. It is very important to pick your cause carefully. Try to avoid crowds, rather have your say on media, or sign petitions. Anger and violence is another virus that is addictive and spreads. This month it can get out of control, the race war particularly will not end peacefully.

Financial loss is going to become a big concern, our financial advisors will need to be on top of their game to navigate the loss and panic these planets have caused. This is definitely not a time to mess around with money or investments. Keep your finances as stable and safe as you can. It is a watch and wait energy for now, until January…so keep investment as tight and safe as possible.

Every area of life that is not going the way of the people is getting out of hand and the reaction is of a destructive nature. Frustration, loss of finances, loss of life, fear and a loss of focus is a recipe for disaster.

When the energy around us is this volatile, we need to avoid it and avoid being a part of it. With the planets being where they are any so called peaceful marches will end up in anger and violence.

One can ask if there are any positive planets out there this month, no there are not and everyone is suffering in one way or another. But if we can harness this volatile energy and use it to energise us and motivate us to see the opportunities the changing world is offering, we will be on one of the fastest rides we have ever imagined.

Here and now we have the doorway to shift our lives in ways that are for now unimaginable, they are there for the taking we just need to open our minds to a world that has shifted before our eyes.

When we can look beyond the hurt, fear, pain and anger we will see the new way of life will be. We will glimpse some opportunities if we see the lemonade beyond the lemons, and should we be brave enough and willing to put in the hours of hard work needed, success is the reward.

It won’t be easy to survive; sacrifices will be made, but remember one tomato seed will become many tomatoes with many seeds. Plant many different seeds in the field you do best, climb through many loopholes and you will soon have a lot of little projects growing bigger as time goes on.

Don’t just dream and wish, make your dream real, do the research, now is a time to literally make something out of very little.

This very stressful energy will pass and those who planted many little seeds are the ones who will begin the healing and financial recovery of this world we live in as they begin to flourish and employ the help of others for further growth

Medically Speaking

During lockdown we have not been able to eat out until now where we can call in those unhealthy take a ways. Remember if you eat rubbish you will project rubbish!

If your diet is healthy your outlook and motivation will be healthy.

Vitamin B6 is a great motivational booster. Tuna contains 69% of your daily dose of vitamin B6, low dietary levels of vitamin B6 translate to a depressed mood, and when depressed, we don’t accomplish tasks and staying focused becomes extremely difficult.

Other motivating foods are grains, blueberries, pecan nuts, flaxseeds, oats, sunflower seeds, and Greek yoghurt. Then best of all is 70% Dark Chocolate which triggers a release of happy dopamines.

Did you know that the common Egg Plant has a nutrient called nasunin which enhances communication between brain cell keeping your mind alert and sharp.

Hmmm oats, Greek yoghurt, some flax seeds, a few blueberries, and a drizzle of melted chocolate is bound to start your day off with a great motivational attitude to life.

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