Venus Mercury and a Solar Eclipse

Venus Mercury and a Solar Eclipse | Laurie Naughting | Sublunar Astrology | Astrology South Africa | Solar eclipse June 2020

Venus Mercury and a Solar Eclipse…

What a Week we are Having

by Laurie Naughtin

We cannot focus or we can and things are taking longer, the banks are letting us down and basic human comforts are not forthcoming. On top of this a mammoth Solar Eclipse shifts our lives on the longest and darkest night of the year.

This all sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones; it feels like IT as well.

Since May Venus has been retrograde in Gemini, the energy has been very similar to that of a Mercury retrograde as this transiting Venus is ruled by Mercury this energy will and has acted out like a Mercury Retrograde.

Just as Venus is about to go direct it’s Mercury’s chance to retrograde and as Venus is still in Mercury’s sign we can expect a continuation of this energy.

Right now they are both not moving at all…Just like our day…but if we keep our focus things will happen but very slowly.

Misunderstanding of communication and desires will take center stage, just be patient, and try to understand each other’s point of view.

Very silly Government for allowing the sales of desirable alcohol in a Retrograde Venus, this was bound to bring about a most undesirable reaction with regrets. Gender violence increased, theft and deception has been rife. Lots of money issues have been exposed; life is just not desirable at all.

It won’t surprise me if they bring back the restriction of alcohol Mid July…or re-think the rules.
The Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees cancer on the morning of the winter solstice, a new beginning, a shift for change in our lives in the area of your chart where cancer rules.

This shift we will see externalised expressions resulting in sentimental defensive behaviour. The energy is felt before the Eclipse perfects and we have seen this in action with the huge gathering of people worldwide showing their support for Black life matters. Emotions running very high and a demand for change in the way people are treated by authority.

The Moon as ruler of Cancer will be focused on women. The shift brought about by this eclipse in Cancer will not be easy as Cancer responds to change in environment in a defensive reluctant manner.

New shifts are going to happen if they have not already happened in our personal lives, we can expect to feel fluctuating emotional behaviour from self and others. Change is here, manage it we must, avoid emotional chaos and rather adapt to the changing environment than fight it.

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