Taroscope June 2020

Taroscope - Astrology South Africa

Taroscope June 2020

June marks the return to work for many South Africans. While this is positive for many reasons, we are reminded that it is not ‘business as usual’ as there are many restrictions and rules we still need to follow. The Emperor in reverse encourages us to persevere, to keep a cool head and to be consistent with our efforts.

We are facing a collective challenge while each climbing our own personal mountain. This requires us to remember that we are sovereign beings and have authority over our choices and lives, even within existing structures. The more difficult life is the more creative we have the opportunity to be. New collaborations, ideas and pathways can be discovered if we are willing to match our intentions with appropriate actions.

By mid-month we are feeling more in control of our lives, having created or re-established daily routines. Force and drive will only take us so far this month as we are invited with the Queen of Wands to rely on our feminine instincts and energy; to be receptive instead of forceful and trust instead of control. There is wisdom in waiting for the right moment, in honouring the cycle we’re in and in allowing our own creative process to lead us to our next steps. Look within for your answers this month and allow what you find there to be enough to lead the way forward.

As we move into the last part of the month, we find ourselves in what is becoming familiar unfamiliar territory. We still don’t know what the future holds or when life will return to what we remember as normal. We can either resist the changes we are undergoing and find ourselves in a state of continual anxiety and fear or trust that good will prevail and there will be some form of justice. The easing of pain for those in mourning, access to food and water for those who are starving, hope for the physically, mentally and emotionally down-trodden and a renewed reverence for life for all.

When we find ourselves in unknown territory, we have a natural tendency to lean towards the rational parts of ourselves. The parts that keep us safe and organise reality in a way that we can make sense of. While we need to use our heads in challenging times, we also need to remember our hearts. We can find peace even in these uncertain times if we learn to be the leaders of our own experience. This is far from easy and far from simple, however, if there was ever a time to practice cultivating a loving, caring relationship with ourselves and others, it’s now.

The Justice card reversed asks us to trust in the natural order of life and the universe and reminds us that wrongs will be made right, all in divine timing. It also reminds us that our actions have consequences and that we need to be mindful of what we say and do.

The underlying narrative for the month is depicted by the Seven of Swords which encourages us to look forward rather than back. When we are focused on the past, continually looking back, worrying that we won’t have enough should life look different to the way we want it to be, we lose our power and close ourselves off to new, exciting possibilities. While we are entitled to mourn, we must not forget that we are strong and resilient. We have overcome many challenges in our lives, and we can overcome our current challenges too. Look to the future, it holds infinite possibilities, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

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