Newsletter June 2020 Finding the Balance

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Newsletter June 2020 Finding the Balance


By Laurie Naughtin


We have two eclipses this month; Einstein showed that if gravity can bend light then our personal weight must constantly be changing through the action of the light from above.

When observing an eclipse there is a unique silence as the earth experiences darkness, even the birds become still.

Humans at times experience a darkening and coldness within equivalent to the solar and lunar eclipses. Eclipses remind us that we are children of God.

The two eclipses this month no different. As the earth quietens we become unsettled, the events leading up to this energy can bring about catastrophic change.

If any one of these eclipse fall within a degree of any of your personal planets, they will affect you personally. If not you will still feel the vibrations as the energy of eclipses will always bring shift that can be unsettling.

The Nature of the lunar eclipse we will experience on the 5th will have a fire and air energy, where excess can get out of control and anger can flare.

5th June – Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius will be visible in South Africa beginning at 19 45, fully visible at 21 24 and finished by 23 04. The full Moon is eclipsed by the Sun, completion of cycle, balance between your understanding and those of others. Bigger and better is no longer attainable and will collapse. What is wrong in the world comes to a head followed by ripples of reaction, cause and effect.
Mars in Pisces will be making a T square to this eclipse, indecision and crutches or addictions will not serve you well, find the balance or relationships and all you have worked for will crumble.
This Mars in Pisces will bring an awareness of how, a lack of boundaries, procrastination and a tendency towards laziness and deception can bring about destruction of ideals. Indecision and a lack of vision becomes a collective energy.

21 June – Solar eclipse will be only slightly visible at 6 57 a thumb nail of the Sun will be blocked. This Solar Eclipse will occur in Cancer at 0 degrees on the day of the winter Solstice which enhances the effect of this eclipse. Eclipse of the Sun co-insides with the birth of a new Moon, and together with the solstice and beginning degree of Cancer this eclipse will shift us in ways we have not see in our lifetime a new cycle opportunity to move away from past hurts and emotional dependency, nurture self then you can nurture others, trust your intuition.
Planets at the 0 degree of a sign indicate a new beginning with the energy and earthly life manifestations of this planet. We can spot signposts of events to come that will set the scene for the years ahead.

4th June – Sun conjuncts Rx Venus re-evaluate your creative abilities especially with the written word, re-connection with lovers, or people from your past and repair your relationship with others

5th June – Mercury sextile Uranus, opportunity to communicate and share your truth and feelings to others and hear what others really need.

6th June – Sun and Mars square, avoid serious conflicts with others

8th June – Mercury semi-sextile to Venus, repair relationships, communicate in a nurturing manner with each other

9th June – Venus semi-sextile Uranus, see the truth of what you desire, be cautious with money, face the reality of your finances, do not commit to any fancy schemes, don’t spend money today. Interesting people and innovative ideas may move into your sphere.

11th June – Sun squares Neptune, energy levels drop and you may feel tired and invalidated, not a day to be courageous. Your creative ideas may go up in smoke as realism sets in.

13th June – Mars conjunct Neptune bringing about strange unknown frustrated feelings. Energy could be chaotic with no direction, a good couch day so rather zone out.

14th June – Mercury station in Cancer, being of service and trying to communicate your way forward will come to a halt, you may experience intellectual withdrawal. This is a great time to reconnect with family and loved ones.

15th June – Sun inconjunct Pluto expect overwhelming power struggles between authority and other people. Avoid breaking any rules and beware of crime.

18th June – Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer, your thinking and actions will become emotionally driven, emotional manipulation will emerge as well as depression and an inability to move on emotionally.

19th June – Mars sextile Pluto, take action by restructuring your reality. Life has changed. Work with the change, face facts and a trust your inner being.

21st June – Sun semi-sextile Saturn, energy may feel severely restricted

20th June – Venus stations, desire to communicate and connect with partners is on halt, desires will not be heard.

23rd June – Neptune retrogrades in Pisces, the quiet before the unseen storm, expect chaos, lies, hidden misleading and unknown facts to emerge. Feelings of disorientation will be felt.
Jupiter and Pluto both retrograde conjunct in Capricorn, a tremendous power to gain change is restricted, trouble with authority, dig deep to find a way to grow through distortion, negative powerful restrictive control will be seen. This energy will remain throughout June; just obey the rules as this is an energy you cannot beat.

25th June – Venus goes direct in Gemini, life slowly becomes more desirable, relationships and connections begin to emerge, any one with writes block will find the words flow more easily. Desire to communicate and share will be strong.

29th June – Mars ingress into Aries the sign he rules, time for action, for pioneers to be born, to find the energy to take change and go ahead with your life without hesitations. A pioneer is born…

Medieval astrologers had little doubt that a major conjunction caused the outbreak of the plague that spread through Europe. As devastating as it was, not all died. The lasting effect was knowledge of how fleas and rats can cause disease.

The major conjunction we experienced in early January was no different. It too has caused a disease so diverse it has affected the whole world. We need to accept that this is an easily contagious virus and the prevention of spread will control it. As with the plague not all will die, but we do need to safeguard ourselves from falling ill to avoid being a statistic.

This winter more than ever we do need to keep warm, the common cold was called so because our body temperature drops, perfect condition for the growth of a virus is created. We produce more phlegm when cold to protect us, which is why our noses run when we are out in the cold, a natural defence mechanism to protect our mucosa.

This phenomenon can be lessened when wearing our masks, as we are now allowed to go out to exercise any time of the day, try to plan your outdoor exercise when it is warmer.

Zinc is known to boost the immune system and all viruses are susceptible to ascorbic acid, Vitamin C.
Zinc can be found in wheat germ, tofu, lentils, yogurt, oatmeal, wild rice, squash seeds, and milk for our vegetarians. It is very high in shellfish such as oysters, crab and lobster, fish in general, lean meats and poultry and eggs.

Foods high in Vitamin C include broccoli, cantaloupe, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, orange juice, papaya, red, green or yellow pepper, sweet potato, strawberries, and tomatoes.

We can actually eat our daily supply of zinc and vitamins, wear masks to protect others and your mucosa, keep up with hand washing and daily hygiene to stay healthy this winter.

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