Chart interpretation for Ms Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma

Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma - Cigarette ban - Astrology South Africa

Chart interpretation for Ms Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma

By Margaret Mullen 25th May 2020.

Nkosozani Zuma-Dlamini natal chart

Ms Dlamini-Zuma has been in the news a lot recently and has been on the receiving end of some fierce insults and derogatory press articles, due to her stance on alcohol and cigarettes. I must admit that as a smoker I could not understand the logic behind it – still do not. I know that my ability to concentrate has been seriously impaired due to being unable to smoke, and I have quite a bit of heavy concentration to do.

As an astrologer I decided to have a look at her birth chart using information from Wikipedia, to gain a better understanding of her.  There is no birth time, so the chart has been calculated at 12.00pm on the date of her birth, 27th January 1949.

Her chart is not an easy one to read, especially without being able to use the angles as her personal planets are all in Capricorn and Aquarius. The outer planets – the generational planets are placed from late Gemini to mid Libra – the chart gives the impression, quite consistent with the image that she is projecting of “me against the world”.

There are times when it is necessary to use the asteroids to get a better “feel” for the chart owner as I have done here. The results are amazing. As the chart lacks an ascendant, I have used the first of the three Greek fates – Klotho as a starting point. I have copied the information on Klotho from Alex Miller and the link to his site is at the end of the explanation for Klotho.


Klotho was one of the Three Fates, sisters who determined the destinies of gods and men. Klotho worked a great spindle from which she spun the thread of life and was known as “the Weaver.” She was associated with births and beginnings and had the power to return to life those which she deemed had died before their time. Her role in the tale of Alcestis and Admetos is pivotal.

Alcestis was the wife of King Admetus of Pherae, in Thessaly. When he became ill and died, Alcestis mourned him incessantly, until at last she appealed to the Fates to restore him. Alcestis plied Klotho with wine, until she revealed that Admetus could be released from the underworld if someone were found to take his place. As no one offered to help, Alcestis herself made the sacrifice, sinking toward death as Admetus returned to life. But Heracles visited the palace just as Death came for Alcestis; the hero wrestled with Death and forced him to release Alcestis, who was reunited with her husband.

Astrologically, Klotho represents beginnings, the origins of things, and circumstances as matters are initiated; expectations of normal development; and preliminary conditions or understanding. The link to the complete article is below.

There is an aspect known as a quindecile from Klotho to the fixed star Procyon which is exactly conjunct the Asteroid Koronis. Many astrologers are using Koronis to describe the Corona Virus – now known as Covid 19. It is my understanding that Koronis was also a (lady) physician. Perhaps it is interchangeable in this instance as Ms Dlamini-Zuma is a doctor and is now playing such a major role in the management of the pandemic. Barrack Obama, who introduced the health care system in America has Koronis on his ascendant.

I have included a short version of information on Koronis, but I do urge you to visit the following site for the complete article. The complete article also includes Chiron which is sextile from 6 degrees Sagittarius to Ms Dlamini-Zuma’s Sun at 7 degrees Aquarius. I have been so fascinated by the asteroids in her chart that I have been awake all night putting this together. Perhaps I should see if I have any quindecile’ s in my own chart.

Just in case you get lost along the way the information is arranged as follows. But first the link to the complete article.

  • Koronis – short version
  • Procyon
  • The quindecile

Koronis was the one-time lover of Apollo as well as the mother of the healing lineage that included Asclepius and his sons Makhaon and Podalirius. Interestingly, she is also the mythical reason why all crows are black.

Robert Graves suggests that the myth of Koronis represents the suppression of medical practice by women and its transference into the hands of the patriarchy (in the myth, Apollo cuts open Koronis to remove the baby Asclepius). From this time, physicians were called Asclepiades and the profession was passed only from father to son.


Procyon is a very fortunate star; known to the Mesopotamians as ‘The Star of the Crossing of the Water – Dog’, as it lies near their River of Heaven, the Milky Way. Procyon foretold wealth and renown, and in all astrology has been much regarded, giving ‘Everlasting of the Right, and Good Effect’. Procyon has a Mars-Mercury nature and therefore makes people hasty, jealous, pig-headed. But it also confers will-power and ability to put thoughts and plans into action. According to tradition there is also a tendency to a hot temper and impudence. Rise and success are found with it, but fall from high position later, is indicated. Enterprises created in haste therefore do not last. People who “want to go through the wall with their head” only cause injury to themselves. Procyon gives drive and a good sharp mind. Linked with positive stellar bodies, success is made greater, but the native, in order to avoid a fiasco, has always to take care not to be imprudent. Especially dangerous is Procyon configured with Mars and Pluto. With the Sun, a valiant demeanour is indicated.

Procyon star rules just below the left eye in the human body.

The Quindecile

We like to think that we are sensible beings who base our actions on conscious decisions. The fact is, all of us are subject to the occasional irrational impulse, the “wild hair” that surprises us and those around us. Usually, this is not a problem – in fact, it can act as a safety valve for our creative abilities and a check against unnecessary self- restriction. But it’s not so healthy when we find ourselves driven by compulsions and obsessions that seem to take over our lives and consume our attention and energy. How can we discover the origins of these forces? Can we turn them into something constructive? – Niki Reeves……..

So, how’s your Italian? The quindecile (pronounced quin-deh-chee-leh – with Italian accentuation please – just kidding) is a little known 165° aspect (spatial difference between two planets) in astrology that reflects the psychodynamic of obsessive/compulsive tendency in an astrological chart. Most of us have some degree of obsessive/compulsive inclination wired into our instinctual databank which pops out in some sort of behaviour or action or attitude – alcoholism, drug abuse, are a workaholic, a shopaholic, a serious gambler, have eating disorders, sexual addictions, body image concerns, perfectionism, idealism, use of manipulation and/or control etc. It can also present as a consummate drive to reach positive goals to complete fixations that block everything and everyone out of our lives. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, American Psychiatric Association, obsessive/compulsive disorder is defined as “recurrent obsession or compulsion sufficiently severe to cause marked distress, be time consuming, or significantly interfere with a person’s normal routine, occupational functioning, or usual social activities or relationships with others.”

In astrology, the general rule is that there are many factors that must be considered before a specific judgment or supposition can be made. The quindecile is only one of these factors. The natal astrology chart has a unique way of offering compensation or modification for some of those alleged dire aspects that seem to stand out like sore thumbs and which unfortunately some astrologers like to run off on in a negative way. Any horoscope must be analysed and understood within the context of an individual’s life … it is after all a map of possibility and probability which can easily derail the inexperienced.  That said let us look at the quindecile.

This aspect was brought into astro-awareness by German astrologer Thomas Ring (1892-1983). He called it the “separation aspect” further defining it as disruption and upheaval that divorces an individual from the balance of his or her life according to the planets involved. The aspect basically faded into the nether regions until it was “rediscovered” by contemporary international astrologer Noel Tyl while he was researching the horoscope of Leonardo da Vinci for his book Astrology of the Famed.  Using over 600 horoscopes Mr. Tyl confirmed that the aspect lived up to its reputation. In the case of Da Vinci a well-known “perfectionist” it certainly rang true … every facet of his life was handled with a compulsive meticulousness. In this case, not so bad as the result was a creative genius bar none.

The Bi-novile

There is also a Bi-novile (80 degrees) from the Procyon – Koronis conjunction to the planet Neptune which rules drugs of all descriptions, both legal and otherwise, amongst may other things. Alcohol and tobacco fall into this category. That is the green squiggly line that you can see on the chart. The blue very squiggly circles are Klotho and the and the Procyon-Koronis conjunction The Bi-Novile is very similar to the Novile.

Novile 40° – it is said this aspect can indicate some sort of bondage between the planets but that once freed; a new form of expression of the energies can emerge and be used for the greater good. I can say that there does indeed seem to be two levels for this aspect to operate at, and there could be an element of stigma attached to the individual because of their desire for independence in whatever manner is shown by the planets involved.

The Novile divides the circle by nine, so you can have the novile at 40°, the bi-novile 80°, the tri-novile is the trine 120°, the quad-novile at 160°. Noviles are said to be linked to being tested in some way. Others describe it as an initiation of sorts.

Asteroid Karma EXACTLY and I mean EXACTLY conjunct Mercury (Retrograde). Both at 19.35 Aquarius.

Astrologers have known for some time that something of significance would happen when Saturn and Pluto formed a conjunction in Capricorn at 22 degrees on 12th January 2020 but not the exact nature of the event. When Covid 19 arrived we all knew that the world would not be the same as before.

On the 26th December 2019 there was a total eclipse of the Sun at 4 degrees Capricorn. Ms Dlamini-Zuma’s Saturn in Virgo at 4 degrees formed a trine to that degree. On 12th January Uranus was at 2 degrees Taurus. It would shortly reach 4 degrees where it would also form an exact trine to Saturn in Virgo at 4 degrees.

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and Saturn is the original ruler. Saturn is still used by traditional astrologers as the ruler of Aquarius and by modern astrologers as co-ruler. That means that there is a mutual reception between both Saturn and Uranus to Ms Dlamini-Zuma’s Mercury in Aquarius. Chiron which is sextile to her Sun is known as the “Rainbow Bridge” between Saturn and Uranus.

Asteroid Karma

Asteroid 3811 Karma is a main belt asteroid discovered Oct 13, 1953 by Liisi Oterma, a Finnish astronomer at Turku Astronomical-Optical Institute. She discovered over 200 asteroids and three comets, an inspirational women and astronomer of her time. Karma orbits between Mars and Jupiter, taking 4.136 years to make the journey through the Zodiac.

So, what is the meaning of this little asteroid and how does it relate to our natal charts?

In the astrological chart, it can be related to ‘consequences’, not in an ‘ouch’ way, but as in results or ‘vibration.’

Karma is essentially the Law of Attraction. It is the vibration or pattern of energy we signal the universe to return to us. Like attracts like. As you sew, so shall you reap. I have summed it up like this:

The core meaning of karma in your life is not retribution or ‘pay back’ but synchronicity, and alignment.

On a more personal note. If you look at the red-ish squiggles on the chart you will see a conjunction of the asteroids Jacob and Clarissa – the closest match I could find to Clarice. The conjunction is sextile to Mars, Mercury and Karma and Trine to Pluto.

I now understand a bit more – but I would still like some smokes.

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