Live Webinar: Sunday 7 June 2020 16:00 (GMT+2)

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Relationship Astrology Webinar with Margarita Celeste

Our next Webinar will be on 7 June 2020, here are the details below. Members can join for free and non-members pay R50,00.

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Date: Sunday, 7 June 2020 (Full Moon)
Time: 16:00 Johannesburg (GMT+2)
Online Webinar
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Non-members: R50,00pp

Love makes the world go around – literally! However, no matter how much evolving and growing we’ve done as human beings, relationships often remain a mystery. And, no matter how many times we are burned, we never stop searching and hoping to find Love in another.

Relationships can be one of the ultimate spiritual paths used as a container for immense expansion and growth, or they can become toxic traps. How can we become more conscious in our own relationships? Astrology can point us in the direction that we need to grow, using our own individual charts, synastry connections, house overlays and the composite chart, not to mention the many other techniques that exist. Margarita Celeste, a Cape Town based Astrologer passionate about relationships, takes you through the ins and outs of love using Astrology as a guide and friend in times of confusion and uncertainty.

About the Lecturer:

Margarita Celeste completed her studies with Rod Suskin, graduated with a distinction and took her art abroad where she built her flourishing online and face to face business. Upon her return, she built and now teaches a 3-month basics course for beginners, as well as a 3-month course on predictive astrology with the School of Intuition as her partner.

Margarita has a foundation in Traditional Astrology, but incorporates Psychological, Jungian-style aspects into her work, focussing on the complexes and patterns of each of her clients, helping to overcome and become aware of these. Her astrological style is simple, empathetic and intuitive.

She also consults with Tarot Cards and teaches a 4 month intro course through Metavarsity. She is a contributing writer for You Magazine, Ask Astrology, Numerology, Ephemeris and others. She is a qualified Yoga Teacher (India) and balances the soul and body using these ancient and traditional practices side by side.

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