Transits: May 2020

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Transits for May 2020

By Laurie Naughtin

7th May 2020 – Full Moon in Scorpio
Examine your goals in this time of crisis, they should be realistic instead of emotional driven ideas coming from what no longer exists.

22nd May 2020 – New Moon in Gemini
Communication will be driven through feelings and an emotional depth that will drive discussions and decisions. Trust your gut, but keep control of your emotions and share meaningful ideas for future growth.

1st May 2020
Pluto is retrograde at 24 degrees of Capricorn – the complete destruction of structure as we know it is exposed. Amplification, upheaval and cathartic changes are amplified.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus – take not of any sudden practical ideas that may be triggered, they could be a future solution.

3rd May 2020
Jupiter stations at 27 degrees of Capricorn – Large corporations, investments, and careers come to a standstill. Religion, education, and travel hit a wall. There is no growth when it comes to big finance and corporations. Economic Crisis .

5th May 2020
A big shift as the North Node moves into Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. Expansive growth is no longer on the table, awareness of the situation we are in and how small, trendy beginnings are our solution for the next year and a half.

7th May 2020
Venus goes into her station at 21 degrees of Gemini, fun, creativity and excitement as well as romance will go on hold as a shift begins. Desire to communicate with others and understand each other will be difficult

11th May 2020
Saturn goes retrograde at 1 degree of Aquarius; relook at integration of individuals with groups

12th May 2020
Mars in Aquarius Trines the North Node, enterprising energy, take action and note of innovative ideas

Mercury moves into Gemini a sign he rules, communicate trendy thoughts and make new connection, embrace new ideas, this is the time to focus on small interesting opportunities. Share new ideas with others.

13th May 2020
Venus retrogrades – rethink about new ways of managing finances, money, avoid large investments. Savings will deplete if you are not careful. Curb all unnecessary spending. Re-evaluate your resources let go of what is no longer useful.

14th May 2020
Mars enters Pisces bringing about an inner restlessness, laziness and repressed energy, lonely. Energy should be directed towards the harmony and understanding how we can repair our planet.

Jupiter starts his retrograde movement, Big corporations, Airlines, SOE’s will need to revise their way forward, by end June many will have to close doors. Financial crash begins. Banks revise survival tactics to prevent closure, financial survival is the theme.

15th May 2020
Sun in Taurus trines Pluto, experience a loss of energy and feeling of hopefulness, this day will pass and our creative energy will return if we become practical about the life we are living in now.

16th May 2020
Mars in Pisces connects to Saturn by sextile, think on how you action your ideals and beliefs in a disciplined manner, become a warrior for broken societies, giving of your energy without boundaries to sustain others.

18th May 2020
Sun in Taurus will trine Jupiter, be practical research ways of survival in this time where growth is restricted.

21st May 2020
Sun moves into Gemini where our creative energy focuses on new ways of communicating and managing our daily chores, especially as it perfects a trine to Saturn in Aquarius the next day. Take courage and learn about all the technology available that can support survival through this pandemic. After all the ruler of the Sun in Gemini is Mercury in his own sign, this is the time to rock technology.

Venus squares Neptune, misunderstanding, misinterpretation and chaotic energy put a dampener on our relationships and desire to connect.

22nd May 2020
Mercury in Gemini males a stress Aspect to Neptune where fear of the unknown chaotic field of IT could bring about challenges.

25th May 2020
Mercury inconjunct’s Pluto, connections and socialising can come to a sudden and shocking end, do makes sure you wear your mask, this is a dangerous day to be out.

26th May 2020
Mercury trines Jupiter, frustration due to limitation. Rebellion will not be the answer but will lead to further restriction of growth. Restriction of movement may increase.

29th May 2020
Mercury moves into Cancer, avoid depression over the problems of the world, use you mind to help others, to be of service to others. Avoid becoming emotionally involved with people and their very real woes, focus on the crux of the problem. The ability to connect, to arouse sympathy and service from others if used wisely will bring results. Bossy and controlling as well as emotional manipulation should be avoided.

30th May 2020
Mercury in Cancer inconjunct aspect to Saturn, break down of communication a feeling of defeat. Rigid thinking will break down and compromise will be necessary to bring things back on track. This is a sensitive time for the health of lungs and respiratory diseases. A spike in the pandemic or illness may unhinge our way of thinking.

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